Burt's Bees / Delight Up Your Lips


Burt’s Bees had 3 of the top 30 lip color SKU’s at a national grocery retailer. They were historically merchandised in the natural/organic aisle, however the overlap between natural and mainstream personal care is higher than other key natural categories.

Cosmetic shoppers seek a “blend” of both natural and mainstream solutions, and “Blended” households generate more dollars per visit than those who shop exclusively one category. Burt’s Bees sought to expand their shopper base and grow the retailer’s cosmetics category without losing loyal customers.


Cosmetic shoppers are looking for fun, excitement and inspiration when they shop. We determined that by creating a single relevant destination that is fun, inspiring, exciting for both the natural and mainstream cosmetics shopper, we would effectively expand Burt’s Bees shopper base and the retailer’s cosmetics category. Our solution included pre-shop, shop, and post-shop targeted digital messaging, and strong directional in-store signage leading to a  free-standing lip color shipper display, and in-store demo visuals to engage and maintain the interest of the Burt’s Bees target audience. All materials were eye catching and inspiring, infused with the fun, whimsical messaging that appealed to the “blended” shopper. 


Total department results outperformed success criteria of: HHP, Sales Lifts, and all digital measures.