Capri Sun / Kids vs. Pros


Capri Sun once reigned as the must-have cool pouch in a world of juice boxes. With others imitating its form, Capri Sun needed new ways to re-establish relevance and drive kid request. Kids yearn to stand out among their friends, but only go-for-it when they feel confident they’ll succeed. This presented an opportunity for Capri Sun to be the one to help them, and the brand, shine.


Catapult developed an award-winning program that let kids shine on the ultimate stage - a nationally televised competition against Pro athletes, but with an unexpected twist: by competing in schoolyard sports where kids do best, we created a scenario where the kids would come out winners.

We assembled a world-class team of Pros John Cena, Steph Curry, David Ortiz and Gabby Douglas. Four teams of kids were selected through a sweepstakes and the competition aired on a 1-hour special on CBS and Nickelodeon. Plus, every kid got a chance to beat the pros with an exclusive online game they free with purchase. And limited edition player pouches ensured Capri Sun took its place once again proudly displayed on lunch tables everywhere.


  • Double digit revenue growth
  • Significant increase in display activity
  • Millions of media impressions and website visits
  • Reggie, PROAward and HUB Awards