Cooked Perfect / Crafted for your senses


Cooked Perfect is one of the country's best selling brands of frozen meatballs, yet growth had slowed. Research revealed that the brand positioning of convenience and versatility was no longer differentiated in the category and that lack of top of mind awareness of frozen meatballs was preventing the brand from getting into the weekly meal rotation.


Catapult’s Brand Conversion research plan revealed the core brand values that Cooked Perfect could own to drive purchase intent and strengthen differentiation.  We shifted Cooked Perfect from convenience and variety to a brand that represented genuine food values, individually crafted for your senses with mouthwatering taste. This allowed the
brand to take on a new role; from just a meal add-on, to the star of the plate.


  • The new brand identity has helped drive an unprecedented sales growth of 65%
  • The new campaign has driven growth in consumer engagement with CTR’s higher than industry averages, social media likes up by over 50% and content downloads up by 200%