Frontier / Frank The Buffalo


Consumer trust in broadband providers ranked somewhere just below snake oil salesmen and loan sharks thanks to a category convention of hidden fees, no-show service appointments and iffy service. Frontier was a “little guy” who was offering consumers full-transparency, great customer service, and genuine control of their own cable fate. They needed to separate themselves from the herd to show skeptical consumers just how different, and better, they were.


Data-driven research led us to a new campaign featuring a furry spokesperson, Frank The Buffalo. This humorous and category-disruptive character offer his honest, “frank” take on broadband that really connected with customers through everything from television and OLV to his own popular facebook page and twitter feed, direct mail and more.


  • More customer acquisition in campaign launch year than in previous three
  • Broke company record for growth and net acquisition
  • Campaign credited by Wall Street for company growth