KitchenAid / Shop Like A Cook


KitchenAid® needed to successfully launch a new line of appliances and reestablish itself as the best choice for people who love to cook. We learned that even those who love the process of cooking didn’t give credit to appliances for providing cooking enjoyment or success and they didn’t enjoy appliance shopping.


Our solution was to turn the act of shopping for appliances from a process passionate cooks loathe to a part of the cooking process they love. In a category dominated by tech talk and sterile images, instead of talking features we stood out by talking about and showing the food - mouthwatering food being artfully prepared. Our messages inspired cooks by standing out in a sea of messages about what appliances could do – bigger this, faster that – to show consumers what our appliances could help THEM do.


  • POP decisively outperformed competition in copy testing
  • Sales up 20% in launch year with increases in every category
  • Retailer display orders were up, achieving levels higher than the previous 4 years