KitchenAid / 10,000 Cupcakes


KitchenAid has been committed to the fight against breast cancer and a proud partner of Susan G. Komen for 14 years. But the brand’s Cook For The Cure Program was no longer achieving the levels of consumer engagement and retailer support the brand hoped for. 


Catapult tapped into our understanding of what drives consumer participation to develop a program that leveraged our consumers passion for cooking, their love of sharing their creative endeavors socially and, most importantly, their desire to support causes in a meaningful way where they believed their own actions would make a difference.

We gave them an invitation they couldn’t resist – simply bake cupcakes, snap a photo and share for a $1 donation to Susan G. Komen. We got the word out with an integrated support plan including owned media, blogger outreach and PR. Then we developed a turnkey plan for retailers. By using exactly the tools and levers we knew would be most effective, we achieved unprecedented levels of support and expanded the programs reach and results significantly.


  • 8000+ engagements, driving 25 million impressions
  • 28,000 microsite visits
  • 30+ retailers supported the program
  • Reggie and PRO Award winner